The primary goal for contract management within any company is to ensure that commitments and obligations to customers and suppliers are clearly visible to the relevant people in the organization and that they are executed upon.

Contracts dictate every aspect of key business strategies and relationship. Many organizations spend a considerable amount of time and resources executing contracts to their liking and then, once executed, fail to properly monitor and oversee these contracts.

Also, once the contract is finalized and services are procured, many companies fail to manage the contractual obligations, agreed to during the negotiation phase. From an impact perspective, failure to meet these obligations can result in:

  • Missed savings
  • Heavy fines
  • Legal Issues
  • Broken relationships

For rebate programs to be successful, they need to be simple, easily defined and managed.

SAP Settlement Management is engineered to define and process today’s most complex sales and purchasing rebate programs. Built on SAP S/4 digital core, it simplifies the creation and management of a wide range of rebate program types.

With Settlement Management you will be able to:

  • Single point of source of truth for all rebate calculations
  • Deliver automation and speed in managing rebate calculation payments
  • Offer high configurable solution supporting most complex rebates types

Key Capabilities:

  • Rich in Pricing functions
  • Designed for high performance
  • Simplified contract Maintenance
  • No adjustments of procure-to-pay and order-to-cash process is necessary
  • Is the only solution for subsequent settlements postings in SAP S/4
  • SAP standard solution

Process Flow

Process Flow - Light Vision IT

How Light Vision IT can help

  • Creates a best practices-driven organizational governance model including roles and responsibilities before implementing a new IT solution.
  • Guides your organization to create data in a unified and consistent manner that will keep long-term data standards in place.
  • Creates data cleansing routines based on data quality standards and the organization’s business rules.
  • Develops an operational business process model to manage data and the prescriptive guidance to implementing it effectively in a new IT solution.
  • Establishes a recommended IT landscape to supports corporate goals in a cost-effective manner.
  • Provides data governance advice and frameworks in the areas of Materials, Business Partner and Finance Master data.

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